Choosing the Right Paper for Your Orlando Print Job

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When it comes to printing, all things being equal, choosing the right paper for your Orlando print  job is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

There are four important factors to consider:

1) The first is the color of the paper–even “white” could mean a number of different shades and hues, with those tending towards yellow (like ivory or cream) being better suited to formal products, like invitations or greeting cards, while cooler whites are more appropriate for image reproduction.

2) The second element to keep in mind is weight. Heavier paper–made of thicker stock–is perfect for documents composed of individual sheets, like posters, pictures, or business cards. Thinner paper is usually better for multi-page documents, but the lighter the stock, the cheaper it will feel in your hands.

3) Your third choice will be one of shine. Glossy paper brings out the vibrance in colors, which makes it particularly appropriate for photographs and art. Matte paper, on the other hand, produces a more readable output by reducing glare and reflection, and is therefore better for text. Glossy paper also tends to be more difficult to write on–something to keep in mind if you’re printing things like reply cards or forms.

4) Finally, you’ll have to decide whether you want your paper coated. Coatings make paper more resilient to scratches and scuff, ensuring that it continues to look better for longer periods of time.

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Door Hanger Marketing Tip

Design a door hanger with a fun or useful message such as; “Dog Lovers Only”, “NASCAR Fans Only”. Be creative, consider your target market and research what events are happening in your area. For example, use the NASCAR door hanger during Speed Weeks.  Add your marketing messages beside or below the creative message so that you can squeeze in some advertising. Ask permission at convenience stores or other retail outlets to leave your unique door hanger near the register.

Now you are giving people more than just a piece of  paper, you are giving them something fun and useful. This will give you  the opportunity to bring your marketing message into their homes.

If you design your door hangers creatively, they are more likely going to be read and appreciated and will less likely be tossed out with the days trash!

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Is Printed Material a Thing of the Past?

We had a man come into our Orlando printing company last week talking about how printed material is old news and that in the age of PowerPoint, USB drives, Smartphones and laptops nobody needs to use paper and ink anymore. Although the methods he mentioned are very valuable for interoffice meetings and presentations, what happens when you are trying to reach people whom have never heard of your company before?

Let’s say you are at the Orange County Convention Center promoting your services or product. Are you going to show everyone a PowerPoint presentation and hope that they remember all the important details of your company? No, of course you’re not. You are going to hand them a full color brochure, a flier and/or a business card. Even in this digital age, printed material is still necessary to get your business name out in front of potential customers.

As this customer went on and on how printed material is a thing of the past,  he placed an order for  3,000 full color brochures. Obviously, he hasn’t figured out how to subliminally paste all of the information for his business into the minds of potential new customers yet.

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